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Our Story

Illustration of the original Rhino shop in Los Angeles

Born out of a passion and love for listening to and collecting music, Rhino started life in 1973 as a record shop located on Westwood Boulevard, LA.

Founder Richard Foos opened the doors to passionate music lovers with a bespoke selection of handpicked records. With the help from lifelong friend and store manager Harold Bronson, the shop began to take shape and within only one year, they opened a second shop in Claremont in September 1974. Emerging with a heavy dose of humour, tongue-in-cheek attitude and strong anti-establishment views, Rhino initially specialised in selling novelty records before exploring other avenues such as bootlegs, cutouts and eventually reissues.

Rhino developed a bohemian, Beat coffeehouse image – a place where hipsters could hang outHarold Bronson

The relationship between the staff and customer was second to none with Rhino being a popular place for customers to hang out, frequently participating in promotions and attending in-store events such as Friday night jam sessions and live performances from bands. There was very little money in the early years with the majority of stock being second hand. With their determination to introduce people to the great music of the past, their outlandish behaviour would often result in them paying people to take home unsold records.

Quality was one of the hallmarks by which we defined our companyHarold Bronson

By 1978, they sold both record shops and branched out into distribution, running the Rhino Records label full time. Initially, Richard and Harold’s ambition was limited to making just enough money so they wouldn’t have to get real jobs. As business thrived, so did the size of the company and by 1987, sales were growing exponentially and Rhino had a team of 50 members of staff. The following year saw Los Angeles declare a “Rhino Records Day” to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Over the decades that followed, Rhino Records has become synonymous with superior quality and expert curation; restoring, creating and delivering the utmost in quality sound. With innovation at our core, Rhino Records is working with a plethora of talent from some of the world’s most creative and pioneering artists such as David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Prince, Madonna, The Smiths and many more.

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