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Dancing With Strangers (2CD Deluxe Edition)

Chris Rea Dancing With Strangers (2CD Deluxe Edition)

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The 2019 remastered deluxe edition of Chris Rea’s 1987 album - Dancing With Strangers


The 2019 remastered deluxe edition of Chris Rea’s 1987 album - Dancing With Strangers


In September 1987, ‘Dancing With Strangers’ was released and it became Rea's first major success in the UK, peaking at number two. It went on to achieve Platinum selling status in the UK and was once again a huge global success. Singles from this album were ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Loving You Again’ ‘Joys of Christmas’ and ‘Que Sera’.

This 2CD deluxe edition has been newly remastered for the very first time and includes a bonus disc of alternate mixes, singles, and live shows.

Format: 2CD

Original Release Year: 1987

Track Listing


  1. Joys Of Christmas
  2. I Can’t Dance To That
  3. Windy Town
  4. Gonna Buy A Hat
  5. Curse Of The Traveller
  6. Let’s Dance
  7. Que Sera
  8. Josie’s Tune
  9. Loving You Again
  10. That Girl Of Mine
  11. September Blue


  1. Yes I Do
  2. Que Sera (Single Version) [Re-Recorded '88]
  3. Se Sequi
  4. I'm Taking The Day Out
  5. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Extended Mix)
  6. Loving You Again (Live Version)
  7. Danielle's Breakfast
  8. On The Beach (Summer '88)
  9. Rudolphs Rotor Arm
  10. Smile
  11. I Don't Care Anymore
  12. Que Sera (Down Under Mix)
  13. Donahue's Broken Wheel
  14. Let's Dance (Remix)
  15. Josephine
  16. Footsteps In The Snow
  17. Driving Home For Christmas

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