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Auberge (2CD Deluxe Edition)

Chris Rea Auberge (2CD Deluxe Edition)

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The 2019 remastered deluxe edition of Chris Rea’s 1991 chart-topping album - Auberge


The 2019 remastered deluxe edition of Chris Rea’s 1991 chart-topping album - Auberge


Released in February 1991, Auberge topped the UK chart going on to achieve double Platinum sales status.  The title track also gave Rea one of his biggest chart hits, reaching number 16 in the UK. Other songs released as singles were ‘Heaven’, ‘Looking for the Summer’ and ‘Winter Song’.

This 2CD deluxe edition has been newly remastered for the very first time and includes a bonus disc of alternate versions, singles, B-sides and live shows.

Format: 2CD

Original Release Year: 1991

Track Listing


  1. Auberge
  2. Gone Fishing
  3. You’re Not A Number
  4. Heaven
  5. Set Me Free
  6. Red Shoes
  7. Sing A Song Of Love to Me
  8. Every Second Counts
  9. Looking For The Summer
  10. And You My Love
  11. The Mention Of Your Name



  1. Winter Song
  2. Footprints In The Snow
  3. Looking For Summer (12" Remix)
  4. Teach Me To Dance
  5. True To You 
  6. Josephine
  7. Six Up (B Side)
  8. Working On It (Live at NEC Birmingham 1991)
  9. The Road To Hell (Live at NEC Birmingham 1991)
  10. Theme From The Pantile Journal
  11. Footprints In The Snow (Live at Paris, 1991)
  12. On The Beach (Live in Paris 1991)
  13. Just Passing Through (Live in Paris 1991)
  14. Hudson's Dream
  15. Auberge (Single Version)

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